Okay, here’s the BIG news you have all been waiting for… Justin has just delivered the manuscript for the first book in his NEW sequence. The title of the sequence… drum roll, please… is ENEMIES OF THE PRINCE. The first book is called ALLIES & ASSASSINS and will be published in Autumn 2013 by Atom Books in the UK and by Little Brown, and Company in the USA in 2014.

So, we know the question on your lips… what is ENEMIES OF THE PRINCE all about? Who better to ask than the man himself? Take it away, Justin…

“ENEMIES OF THE PRINCE is set in a small princedom called Archenfield. We arrive there on one of the darkest days in Archenfield’s history as Prince Anders has been discovered murdered. His heir is sixteen year-old Jared who, in the days which follow, must come to terms not only with the murder of his brother and the investigation into this but also taking over the reins of rule – something he never truly wanted. Events move quickly from one hour to the next and, within the court, Jared is unsure who he can trust. Help comes from an unexpected source, in the shape of Asta Peck, the Physician’s niece. Asta is new to the court and breaks every convention and protocol to get at the all-important truth.”

So what connections might there be between VAMPIRATES and ENEMIES OF THE PRINCE? Again, over to Justin…

“The most obvious connection is that again there are two young people at the heart of this story, finding their place in the world. Jared and Asta are both sixteen, so two years older than Connor and Grace Tempest. Jared and Asta come from opposite ends of the social spectrum, so have a lot to learn about – and from – each other. I think my existing readers know how much I enjoy creating and developing characters and for ENEMIES I have had to create a whole court of them, which has been as enjoyable as it has been challenging. I can’t wait to introduce my readers to the new cast and hear who they like and who they love to hate! Like VAMPIRATES, ENEMIES is set in a parallel world, riven with mystery and adventure. I’m very much looking forward to opening up the gates of Archenfield and inviting readers into the palace and court.”

How’s that for starters, people? Rest assured, over the coming months, we’ll be getting Justin to offer up more information about ENEMIES OF THE PRINCE, ALLIES & ASSASSINS and his intriguing new cast of characters.


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