Here’s some great news for VAMPIRATES devotees ahead of Halloween – bonus VAMPIRATES book, DEAD DEEP is now available as an e-book in the UK (a US version will be available in the next few months – watch this space!). DEAD DEEP is available in Kindle and iPad formats and it’s only 99p from Amazon and iTunes! The title is currently featured in Amazon’s “100 Kindle Books for £2.99 or less“.

Justin says, “I’m often contacted by Nocturnals wanting to get their hands on DEAD DEEP. As the original print version was published for World Book Day, it can be hard to get hold of so I’m delighted that it is now available, like all the other VAMPIRATES novels, as an e-book”. DEAD DEEP is set chronologically between the end of the first VAMPIRATES novel, DEMONS OF THE OCEAN, and the beginning of the second, TIDE OF TERROR. The story features three of the sequence’s best-loved characters – Connor Tempest, Bart Pearce and Jez Stukeley enjoying a “lost weekend” away from the Diablo and getting into all kinds of deep water. Justin says, “although this is a shorter work than the main novels in the sequence, I think it contains some of my best writing. I was particularly pleased with the character of Kally, so much so that I brought her into the fifth VAMPIRATES novel EMPIRE OF NIGHT!”

In the words of one Amazon reviewer, “DEAD DEEP is only 69 pages long, but those 69 pages are pure brilliance.”

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